What does it means HSLD ?

HSLD (Horse Show Line Dance) was born in the darkest forest in the Smålands Area.
Since the year 2006 its have been moved to the north of this area,
and in front of Mullsjoe and the Camping ground.

Welcome to 3 fun filled Linedance days with both the old goodies
even some the news one from beginner to more advanced.

Every new DJ will learn out a new beginner dance there the visitors can take advantageous to learn the steps,
for future interest in the dance form.

Our skilful instructors / Dj who are our guest will take care of any question you have
about the dance and how you can move forward in your own area.
The group leader take the own decision witch music they will play,
but as an good ground they use the really country, as Alan Jackson,
George Strait, Shania Twain, The Tractors, and a lot of more of the stars from CMT

Instructor / DJ who are coming with there own group have the possibility to
presentation the group they come with, and take some DJ jobs.

You can here make connection with instructors from the most area of Sweden who are our guest this days.

For take part of the possibilities please connect the responsible for this events
Mr Cennet Karlsson Phone + 46 70 - 564 33 21 or by E-mail: 30741karlsson@telia.com